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Recession rocks!

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Comedian Bill Maher is actively hoping a  recession hits  and people lose their jobs and haver all the collective misery which attends such events.  Maher has enough money to live on quite comfortably until he dies.  As long as the recession gets rid of Trump,  he is perfectly willing to sacrifice you and your family.  He is far more important than you,  so his desires outweigh your needs.  In other words,  he doesn’t give a happy damn about you,  your family,  your friends,  your community,  or the country.  He has amassed a fortune sufficient to sustain him,  he believes,  no matter what occurs in the real world.   When you never suffer any consequences for your  calamitous decisions,  your judgment does not improve.  You are protected by walls of money and power and superiority and self-satisfaction.

Maher’s His view is that of the liberal and progressive elites.   Nothing matters except that they get their own way.  They are just as authoritarian and despotic as Democratic Socialists,  but are rather better at faking being normal human beings for short periods of time.   that makes them even more dangerous to ordinary folks like me.  The elites are both arrogant and ignorant, and smugly assume they are heroes for repeating the nonsense their peers spout.   i know  true heroes,  and they are noteworthy precisely because they are so rare.   The elites stink of corruption and cronyism and privilege and dirty money,  but there is absolutely no note of heroism.   They have controlled much of public discourse for decades and they have made it toxic and totally nasty.  I’m a Southerner, so I’m quite accustomed to being called a racist without evidence by people who actually are themselves racist.   The false accusations slide right off me and long ago lost their power to sting.  The Left has overused this and other terms for so long that the words have lost much of their power,  though politicians tend to crawl under their desks when they are being bandied about.  Stop hiding,  stop apologizing, start hitting back.  Baltimore provides you with excellent rejoinders —  it has 30,000 employees costing about $2 billion.  It can have four Confederate statues removed overnight,  but it can’t get the streets clean.  It has received over a billion dollars of assistance in the last few years,  yet can account for little of it,  and none of it reached the citizens.



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August 7, 2019 at 3:29 pm