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Democratic socialists…

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… held their  national convention  this weekend in Georgia.  That is the group Sen. Bernie Sanders and AOC and a whole bunch of  other Congress  critters belong to.    The link will also tell you what they believe in,  so you’ll understand when I say that every one of them violates their oath of office daily.   This article may also convince you that they are crazy as hell.   They are triggered by sensory overload,  leading me to believe that attending a college football game would render them little puddles of hypersensitivity.  If gendered conversation and whispers among 1,500 at a convention set them off they are not very tough on a physical level,  but what they believe and what they are attempting to do to the country should terrify you.

If you tire of slogging through the DSA platform,  just read this  fine introduction  to a new book which uses beer to explain the failures of socialism.   I’ll get my copy this week,  but Robert Lawson and Benjamin Powell,  the economists who authored “Socialism Sucks: Two Economists Drink Their Way Through the Unfree World”,  write to devastating effect to explain how the economics of socialism affect something as ordinary as one of my favorite libations.

As a further warning,  we are al in danger from every one of the Democratic presidential candidates,  even the ones who ran merely to raise their profile and increase their ability to be paid money for something other than their actual jobs.   The  liberal elites  are amongst the deadliest creatures on the planet.





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August 6, 2019 at 2:50 pm