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Larceny and lying…

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Those are the two things  these parents  are teaching their offspring.  They have probably also taught them that whining and victimhood bring rewards and fewer criticisms.  On the other hand my kith and kin are equipped to make their own way in life.  Some earn a college degree,  some find trade school more to their liking.  They don’t expect the government or the taxpayers to fund their career choices or their lives.   My independent darlings will compete with these poor kids and they will mop the floor with them.

The more of them go to top colleges and take up space,  the more damage they will do to those establishments and the less a college degree will mean in anything except hard sciences.    I worked for an assortment of companies with top management people holding business degrees from three different Ivy League schools.  I knew more about corporate governance than all three of them put together.



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August 3, 2019 at 3:16 pm

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