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Progressives say…

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…a woman’s right to choose must be unlimited because killing a foetus is reproductive health care.   It isn’t very healthy for the foetus,  that’s for sure,  but by now you should know that progressives don’t care about children or unborn children or women, or pretty much anyone who disagrees with them.   They espouse actual violence if you get in their way.   Watch this  famous YouTube star explain that if his mother had listened to her doctor,  she would have aborted him for fear he’d be born with Downs syndrome or other terrible deficiencies,  and he wouldn’t be a gamer with millions of followers.   Ninja thanked his mom for finding a different doctor so he would have his life and be able to do something with it.

The  “Choose Life” slogan makes sense to this young man.    And if you haven’t learned already,  doctors and scientists  don’t know everything,  they make mistakes,  and sometimes they lie.   Humans have the most astonishing capacity for rationalization.   It’s how we live with our sorry selves  —  our mistakes,  our flaws,  our falsehoods — the less heroic aspects of our humanity.   I decided a long time ago that must be how uber liberals and progressives are able to hold contradictory thoughts in their brains without going totally insane immediately.   Of course,  the pressures of such illogical behavior overcomes them eventually……




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July 23, 2019 at 2:40 pm

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