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Fab 4th actual…

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Robert Charles said Trump’s Salute to America  would be  a fine way to celebrate Independence Day,  and he was right.   I laughed when Democrats  complained about  the cost,  and when they said Trump had politicized the event.   Trump delivered a  rousing speech  saluting the U.S. military and quite devoid of any politics.  The speech,  despite a teleprompter malfunction and an inadvertent  anachronism,  was patriotism over  politics,  a feat no Democrat of today could achieve. Various Presidents have handled the holiday  very differently  over the years.

The rainy  weather dampened  the protestors somewhat,  but neither Trump nor  the crowd.  This piece has  a video  of the speech,  which even  Jim Acosta could not find fault with,  though he was no fan of the event itself.   Others characterized the event as  a threat  to Americans.  I’m sure they saw “stay  true to  our cause”  as a call to arms

Many  commentators  were political  in  their responses  to the event in general and Trump’s speech in particular,  but it made them look rather stupid when one considers the  actual words  Trump used.

With one eye on the Weather Channel,  the media  predicted a  tiny crowd,  but one does not fill up the entire National Mall with only a few people.   Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez used  the occasion  to screech more lies about the treatment of children dragged here by their parents or smugglers and said the event was poorly attended.   I guess she didn’t see any of the pix in the previous link.

But for me the real jazz was the military hardware,  especially the fliers.  See  this one  and this  one too.  And don’t forget the  fabulous fireworks,  much of them donated.  Impressive all the way around,  don’t you think?







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July 6, 2019 at 2:50 pm