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Fab 4th forecast…

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ABC, CBS, NBC and MSNBC all announced  their refusal  -and broadcast boycott- of any July 4th celebrations.   CNN  was especially  horrified.   However, RSBNFox10  and OANN carried it all, as did Newsmax TV and some others.   I taped it to watch today because I was not at home most of the day,

Harvard Law Professor Laurence Tribe thought it looked like the beginnings of  Tiananmen Square,  the commentator  herd at  MSNBC thought the military display was aimed at American citizens to intimidate them.   Having  all branches  of the military represented will only add to the intimidation, the pundits claimed.   NPR came up with some truly ridiculous lies  about trump’s Salute to America.  Tanks seem  to be objects of terror,  not interest.   Even the President didn’t realize how little damage the heavy tanks and other equipment would  actually cause  to D.C. streets.

Geraldo Rivera for once gets it right — Democrats  hate the  celebration because it’s done by Trump.  Former Navy SEAL Robert O’Neill makes the perfect observation,

The campus social  justice warrior,  not to be confused with the real warrior cited above who shot bin Laden,  should just not celebrate Independence Day.  Or they could at least quote that  noted scholar  Colin Kaepernick while he quotes those long dead to justify his position and actions,  except he apparently    the speech was after the Civil War and that Douglass was anti-slavery,  not anti-American.    Or you could join up with  Code Pink  and its charmless displays of juvenile behavior.  Perhaps you could read the New York Times which had an  op-ed tantrum  on the event because America was never great, and is actually barely OK.

MSNBC host Chris Matthews oddly  claimed Trump  had violated the Declaration of Independence with the celebration.   I’m not sure how that works,  but it’s on par with Hollywood claiming this is  what dictators  do.  Suffering from a temporary dearth of vitriol,  the WaPo must bemoan the awfulness of  fireworks.   No one mentions that politicians like them as much as they do  the tanks  the D.C. City Council so loathes.

Pete Buttigieg declared the event would make America  look smaller,  which was rather ironic considering the presidential candidate’s own diminutive stature,  and his very overweight dog.








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July 5, 2019 at 12:41 pm