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Memorial Day 2019

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Charlie  Daniels is right  — the only two things protecting America are God and the U.S. military.    The standing not-quite-a-joke in my family is that my mother’s side signed the Declaration  of Independence and every generation of my father’s side has served in the military to protect it.   This post from Chuck Norris includes a  chart showing  the deaths in our nation’s wars.

Many people confuse Veterans Day,  which honors all who have served,  with Memorial Day,  which pays tribute  to the fallen.   It was originally called Decoration Day,  but it seems as if few people remember it by any name these days.   We are in more danger than you realize from the siren call of the something-for-nothing siren song of socialism because we have forgotten,  and too many of us do not wish to remember.   We are told that pride in one’s country is unpatriotic and old-fashioned and unmodern.   But none of that is particularly dangerous.   Forgetting is.

People join for many different reasons,  and they fight for a variety of reasons.   That  they do so  at all is astonishing.   Most veterans will simply say they wanted to serve.   They did,  but it was generally more complicated than that.   A dear friend once told me that bravery was remarkable because it was so rare.

boot display  for the fallen is one way of not forgetting.   I have attended several,  and always found them poignant,  even if I knew none of the honorees.   The empty boots are oddly full of life,  representing lives cut short,  but also courage displayed and promises kept.   If you can witness this and remain unmoved,  you have a heart of stone and no appreciation of history.

Likewise,  if you can watch  Rolling Thunder  on TV  and not be affected,  you haven’t paid attention in a long time.  I have missed my chance to attend in person this protest/rally/memorial service,  because this 32nd one will be the group’s last.     Taking its name from the Vietnam bombing campaign,  the advocacy group began in 1988,  seeking to bring full accountability for POWs and MIAs of all U.S. wars.   In case you don’t know,  the U.S. government did not wish to be accountable.   The four founders didn’t know at the time that Senators John McCain and John Kerry would be such effective opponents.   I salute them and hope the local and overseas chapters  continue to  hold rides.   I will miss seeing the indefatigable  U.S. Marine Tim Chambers salute the riders as they pass.  Perhaps Pres. Trump will  be able  to help.

I suspect there will always be  a contingent  of Green Berets who visit Arlington National Cemetery every year to pay their respects to their fallen comrades.  By the way,  the Union government thought it was conveying a great insult to the Lee family by burying Union generals in the front yard of the Lee home,  and this after it had  essentially stolen  the property.  But I think Robert E. Lee has the last laugh —  his home is now the final resting place of many heroes.

I will be eating too much,  hoisting a beer or two (it is scorching hot across the South this year) and keeping a watchful eye on the youngsters paddling in the lake while I lounge in the shade and pray for a nice little breeze to stave off heat-stroke.  I hope your Memorial Day is full of fun and family and friends and food,  and that you spare a thought for those who have died to protect the nation.






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May 27, 2019 at 3:05 pm