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Why is Sen. Feinstein…

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…talking on her cell phone at the Capitol with Iran’s Foreign Minister?   And why the hell did she issue a  statement afterward  urging Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to reach out to Zarif?

MSM has not uttered a peep about it,  of course,  but will somebody please charge her with a violation of the Logan Act?  It is bad enough we still have the crooked Clintons and the treasonous John Kerry and the lying Obamas still swaggering around,  along with all the Clinton and Obama embeds at various government agencies.  We don’t need any more politicians actively serving foreigh interests,  no matter how much money they make off of them.

UPDATE:  Now she’s having  dinner with  him, claiming it was OK by the State Department.

Written by timeforthorns

May 22, 2019 at 3:30 pm

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