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No guns, no power…

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MSNBC   unintentionally underscored the need for our Second Amendment by pointing out,  almost with an air of bewilderment,  that the beleaguered Venezuelan citizens did not have guns and Maduro was staying in power because the military did,  as demonstrated  here.   DUH!!!!!!

The Founding Fathers did not envision We the People using firearms only for squirrel and deer hunting and self-protection.  They meant for the citizenry to be armed to stand with the government when necessary,  or face off against it when it lost our consent to be governed.

One of Hugo Chavez’s first acts as El Presidente was to ban guns to make the imposition of his tyranny far easier.   Citizens who cannot defend themselves swiftly become subjects,  and that is the goal of every single Democratic presidential candidate.  When Kamala Harris shrieks about “common sense gun safety laws”  she is lying through her teeth.   All the proposals are gun control efforts,  and many of hers are based on lies.  One of the worst examples is her claim that we need background checks.  We already have them.  Even at gun shows,  the dealers must be licensed and do background checks.  You do not simply waltz into a show and take home a weapon.

The safest place I have ever been is a bar outside of Fort Bragg,  NC, populated almost entirely by Green Berets.   They didn’t need firearms there,  because every single one of them could kill you with their bare hands.   Were they dangerous people?   Most certainly,  but not because they used guns in the performance of their duties.

I applaud the Venezuelan  general urging  his officers to rise up against the Maduro regime.  Perhaps they will raid the military warehouses to arm the populace, so the fight won’t be one-sided.

Written by timeforthorns

May 15, 2019 at 2:28 pm