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Roger Simon  thought  Tuesday was an I.Q. test.  If he was correct,  we flunked,  because the Democrats took over the house.   Mark Levin said we were  past talking  and it was time to stand up.    Not enough of us did.   Too few of us considered even the  three main  reasons to keep the Dems out.

So you had  better pray.   Ben Franklin  warned us.   An insufficient number of us listened..  This  sort of  message was allowed to rule.   And now we must work ten times harder.   If you are one of the slackers,  hang your head in shame and start carrying your part of the load.  You’ve already messed up bad enough,  haven’t you?

I salute those of you who did everything you could to save the republic. Now you will have to do still more.  Take a deep breath,  relax for a few days,  then join me in pushing onward.









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November 7, 2018 at 2:10 pm

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