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Tim Scott knows…

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…more  about hurricanes  than any of the climate hysterics.   The Senator is from South Carolina, and he has paid attention.   Slow means more water,  even from a Category 1,  which Florence has been downgraded to.

The agricultural sector there took quite a hit from a monster event less than three years ago, so it can ill afford another pounding.   Scott is also correct  about inland  flooding,  despite the week-long breathless reporting by MSM of entire towns being sucked up by Florence.  Yeah,  I know no one actually reported that exact verbiage,  but the effort to make a cudgel of Florence with which to batter Pres Trump and all others still waiting to see actual scientific evidence of anthropogenic global warming was both obvious and pathetic.

Best of all are the signs  saying looters  will be shot  — that sounds like both of the cities where I lived in that fine state.  Wonderful people who will help strangers,  but who avail themselves of their Second Amendment rights.  Few politicians of any stripe are stupid enough to prattle on about gun control except behind tightly closed doors in a few Democratic progressive spots.


Written by timeforthorns

September 17, 2018 at 2:53 pm

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