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Comparing presidents…

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I had an interesting conversation with a millennial black man who works for me occasionally.  He said that Trump’s tax cut has put $200 more in each of his twice-monthly paychecks.  If he were still gambling that $400 would have gone to a casino.  He has been pint out to his buddies what that tax cut means to him and asking why anyone should vote for Democrats,  who are promising to take that $400 away from him and raise his taxes even more.

He lacks high-end job skills and education and had little opportunity growing up in an economically depressed neighborhood.  He also is not an intellectual giant.  But with some encouragement and tips and timely reminders,  he had the strength to quit gambling entirely.  I know plenty of people with much larger bank accounts and a boatload of expensive professional help who can’t shake the addition.

Then I stumbled across  this comparison  of Obama and Trump  on the economy in the first 600 days of their respective presidencies.   Hark!   Is that the sound of heads exploding?




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September 9, 2018 at 2:10 pm

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