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John McCain, R.I.P.

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Sen. John McCain announced he was  discontinuing  his brain cancer treatment just a few days ago, and  has now  died.   He will be lionized,  but I shall not join in,  and I will not miss him.   I miss Charles Krauthammer daily,  his wit and wisdom and turn of phrase having been part of my life for many years.

McCain spent most of his life being a jerk and glorying in it.   He held himself out to be a moral arbiter,  conveniently forgetting what he and John Kerry did to the families of Vietnam POW’s.   I always suspected he himself thought he had failed to live up to his father and grandfather —    one of the few things I agreed with him on.   The only behavior I saw consistent evidence of was his belief that he should be more important than anyone else.   He changed his stances on political issues depending largely on whether he sought more approval from his squishy buddies and the liberal media.  The same  liberal media  which called him a racist and Islamophobe during his presidential run against Sait Barack Obama, are now praising McCain, as he is now dead and has no chance to rise up and object to their narrative.

I hope he rests in peace,  but I will not mourn him.

Sen. Chuck Schumer is introducing a resolution  to rename  a Senate  office building after McCain.   I doubt it is because Schumer either liked or respected him.   Sarah Palin  was most  gracious  —  probably more than her former running mate deserved.   Pres.  Trump responded appropriately and quickly given the acrimony between the two men.

UPDATE:  Meghan McCain is entitled to give a  lovely tribute  to her father.   Hillary’s memories  lack class,  but what else would you expect?

UPDATE:  Vietnam  remembers  the Navy pilot it arrested too.   So does Jay Nordlinger.

Written by timeforthorns

August 26, 2018 at 2:53 pm

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