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Too few good men…

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Hat tip to Ramesh Ponnuru for providing us the link to Mark Perry’s depressing article  on the problems military recruitment is currently undergoing.   And yeah,  that goes for the females as well.

My family has been in America since before it was America,  and every generation has seen military service,  right through to the present.   The current dilemma is largely a result of progressive policies demonizing the military,  the horrors of the modern educational system run nearly everywhere by liberals and progressives,  and idiot parents who produce incurious, arrogant, unfit snowflakes who can’t manage to get their underwear washed and attend a few classes a day without the support of a life counselor and a crying closet.  My parents would have disowned me  if I had been such a pathetic weakling, and they would have been right to.

If you were born in any of America’s ghettos,  you will probably never meet your father,  who your mother may or may not be able to identify. If you live in a progressive city,  you are likely doomed to join a gang for protection since the politicians won’t let the police patrol your neighborhood, or put away the criminals who control the hoods.  But if you can manage to become at least semi-literate,  the military offers you a door not opened for you elsewhere.  Grit your teeth,  hang on by your fingernails and at least get enough education to qualify for the service.  It makes men of many,  and some of them turn out to be very, very good men.


Written by timeforthorns

August 22, 2018 at 2:27 pm