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Zinke is right…

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Only a climate hysteric could claim with a straight face that climate change is causing the  horrific fires  in the West,  and that all the dry tinder piled up in California forests has nothing to do with them.  To build a fire easily,  you need material which will burn.  Ask any Boy Scout.  Oh, wait, the Boy Scouts probably don’t teach that any more.  Ask a boy in  Trail Life  —  he will know how to build a fire,  read a compass or a map,  and accomplish some other very useful things.

I live on a couple of acres of land —  some of it open,  some of it woodlands.  I leave some deadfall trees and shrubs around so the wildlife has access to food and shelter,  but I routinely rake up leaves to put in my composter or put in piles at the edge of the woods.  I grow many of my own vegetables and herbs,  and I plant wildflowers and rescued plants everywhere — the leaf mold protects moisture and provides nutrition so the new plants are more likely to thrive.  But I clear away dead limbs and other debris so that if lightning strikes or there is a wildfire,  there will not be an abundance of highly flammable material on the ground.

I have long known that most so-called environmentalists actually understand very little about the environment,  and very few of them have ever managed anything larger than a flower pot.   Sec. Zinke may not have a forestry degree,  but as a former Navy SEAL he has an abundance of common sense.   Let him know you support his efforts.



Written by timeforthorns

August 15, 2018 at 2:04 pm