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Don’t be…

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..a target of opportunity for Candace Owens, a whip-smart young black woman with nerves of steel and the courage of her convictions, in a very lovely physical package.   Hillary Clinton did,  and got  eviscerated.  She isn’t the first,  and won’t be the last.   Ms. Owens knows the Left,  understands exactly how destructive it has been for her race and the country,  and is fiercely determined to help people see the truth.

She also let the New York Times’ latest hire,  Sarah Jeong,  help prove that Twitter is  biased and practices censorship against conservatives.   And the beauty of it is that she used Jeong’s tweet but replaced  “white” with “Jewish”  and “black”.

I have been keeping an eye on her,  and have been impressed not only by her courage,  but also by the clarity of her thoughts and the style in which she expresses them.   Some on the Left area already whining that her language is harsh and mean,  but that just makes me laugh.  She does not run around like they do using the F-word at least once a sentence.  Instead she takes the derogatory terms the Left applies so frequently and pastes them on her target.  It is savagely effective.  Pay attention and encourage this young warrior however and whenever you can.



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August 6, 2018 at 2:28 pm

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