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Trump at G-7…

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Have you ever understood the point of G-7?  I have not.  They get together for photo ops, issue pronouncements which don’t mean much of anything, and pat themselves on the back.  I can’t remember the last time the group actually accomplished something  —  anything  —  at a summit.

Pres. Trump  has upset  the usual order, and the complaints are that his trade policies are “unprecedented, ”  and he is undermining the “rules-based international order.”

Never mind that the rules-based international order is unfair  — Pres Trump was absolutely correct in saying that the US is like a “piggy bank that everybody is robbing”,  including our allies.  Trump  actually means  it when he says it will end.  Our economy is larger than the combined economy of the other six nations,  despite their having a combined population that is 100 million people larger than ours and a larger land mass.   Why not point out the  total hypocrisy  on trade?

It is also ineffective.  Did it keep Russia out of Crimea and Ukraine, or stop the rise of Al Qaeda and ISIS?   When did it halt Iran’s destabilization of the Middle East,  or China’s march to the brink of world domination?   Nor did the old order hinder north Korea in any way.   Could it be that they are also apoplectic because Pres. Trump just might?

Of course,  American media  was mightily upset with Trump,  turning themselves into physicians, foreign policy experts and  life coaches in order to comment unfavorably on his looks, his actions, and his appearance.

UPDATE:  The bureaucrats are blaming Trump for everything while inadvertently admitting  he’s right.   The G07 is a fraud,  and Trump just proved it.




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