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Get well soon…

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First Lady Melania Trump has  undergone kidney  surgery to remove a benign tumor without complications and is expected to be in the hospital a week.  I will miss her serene and lovely presence.   The former model wears her clothes perfectly,  to great effect,  and that is quite a change from the previous first lady who had a habit of wearing clothes which were not tailored properly and were often quite inappropriate for her position.

Mrs. Trump is fashion forward without being outrageous or inappropriate.   Yes,  it helps that she has a husband who can afford as much expensive couturier clothing as she wants,  but it also helps that we finally have another First Lady who doesn’t feel obliged to to spend  her time lecturing us little people on how we should live,  what we should eat  and how we should think,  and what we should say.  In short,  we again have a First Lady who actually acts like a lady,  and one with class a well.

You’re a good influence on the President,  Mrs. Trump —  hurry back



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May 15, 2018 at 3:05 pm

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