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Texas Independence Day…

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If you’re a Texan,  you’re probably already celebrating.   If you suspect you’d like to be a Texan,  you probably would,  at least upon occasion.   If you don’t know Texas,   read this.   If you fall into none of these categories, the very notion of Texas likely terrifies you.   It is physically a very large state,  it thinks well of itself and its citizens,  and its people have large personalities.

I’ve never lived in Texas,  but I have visited,  and always found it delightful,  whether enjoying the arts scene in Austin,   the unexplained in Marfa,  or food anywhere.   If you go hungry in Texas,  it’s your fault!

UPDATE:  You should also know about the Bowie knife,  which you can learn enough about  here to  qualify as a Texan.   I’m from the South, so I pronounce it correctly,  according to the article.


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