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Are Republicans in danger of losing control of Congress?   Of course,  but I think the danger is overstated,  largely because of one thing,  which is the Democrats’ constant  efforts to diminish  the tax reform bill which is putting extra dollars into the paychecks of so many Americans.

Republicans need to remind people that no Democrat voted to give the people a single cent,  and that all potential Democratic candidates have sworn to adhere to the party line and take back those extra dollars by raising taxes on individuals and businesses,  which hurts everyone and helps no one except the government and corrupt politicians who should be given much less money to cause trouble with.

We should always remember that even the few Democrats who have some understanding of economics don’t speak honestly about it.  Let’s face it — “Give us more of your money so we can entrench ourselves” is scarcely a winning campaign slogan.   Nor is it a very satisfactory way to explain that people in high-tax states lost the ability to  fully deduct  their state and local taxes because Democrats absolutely refused to negotiate,  just as they have on everything since Mr. Trump took office.



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January 17, 2018 at 3:36 pm

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