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Queen Sheila forever…

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If you thought I was outright lying about Rep. Sheila Jackson-Lee’s long history of being an entitled annoyance to the universe at large,  and service workers in  particular,   feast  your eyes  on  these links, and do remember that the woman whose seat she stole is a lifelong  human rights activist!

Rep. Jackson-Lee has never been interested in anybody but herself, and if she thought she could get away with wearing a coronet instead of having her hair braided into one,  she would.   Like Barack Obama,  she tends to tilt her head so she is literally looking down her nose at the rest of us,  and the action is as unattractive on her as it is on the former president,  and also like him,  she is an  utter hypocrite  about her beliefs and policies.   The only picture of her I’d really enjoy seeing is one of her after she is defeated in her next election,  but the poor souls who vote for her dont know any better,  and Queen Sheila works hard to keep them uneducated,  ignorant and easily led.   I feel quite sorry for them, as I’m sure most of those in the 18th District of Texas,  even if they are Democrats,  deserve a hell of a lot better than they have gotten from her since 1995.




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December 28, 2017 at 9:34 pm

The Bennett hypothesis…

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When he served as Reagan’s Secretary of Education in 1987,  Bill Bennett advanced the argument that government student aid had a lot to do with the constant increase in the cost of higher education.   Numerous studies have  proven him  right.

Government aid has also encouraged colleges to offer courses and degrees in idiot things.   Yes, underwater basket weaving was a thing.   Pissed-off lesbian theory is still a thing.  So-called higher education is where a lot of the liberal freaks from the 60s and 70s went and they have taught generations of students to be as disaffected,  disconnected,  illogical and super-sensitive as they are.   They have meltdowns because someone dares disagree with their uniformed world view, or because they don’t feel they should be expected to cope with classwork and laundry and life.

I love knowing that my young cousins and friends will be competing with these snowflakes for jobs in the real world,  and my kith and kin not only won’t be burdened by thousands of dollars in student loans,  they will also have some work experience under their belts.




Written by timeforthorns

December 28, 2017 at 3:52 pm