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Jones the winner…

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Democrat Doug Jones appears to have eked out a win in the  special election  in Alabama,  although his opponent  has not yet  conceded.  I wonder if Alabama’s working class will enjoy watching Jones squander the taxes they work so long and hard to pay.   I’m sure most of that state’s Republicans would have preferred someone other than either Luther Strange or Roy Moore as a candidate,  and yes,  the allegations against Moore did hurt.   I wonder why they never came out before.

I’m also sure that Jones will screw up and that Democrats will so overplay their hand at having finally won a race that Jones will have a very hard time being re-elected.  After all, he promised to be something he has never been in his life,  and the people who shrieked that they could never support Moore will now have to explain how they helped Alabama by following their convenient consciences.  It will be interesting to watch Jones turn and twist like a pretzel as he tries to hide how he votes rather than square it with what he said during his campaign.

This probably  does a decent job of summarizing the mess.



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