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Northam should lose…

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Do Virginians realize that Democratic gubernatorial candidate Ralph Northam thinks  67% of them  are racists?   If they pretend to be worried about Ed Gillespie’s anti-illegal immigrant rhetoric,  do they acknowledge that Northam used anti-illegal rhetoric to  win election  in 2007?

They should care,  because they allowed Clinton crony Terry McAuliffe to assume the governor’s office,  where his legacy will be illegally restoring voting rights to thousands of felons in an attempt to ensure the election of more Democrats.

The racist ad created and run by the Latino Fund in alliance with Northam has backfired,  as it should have,  and polling now shows the race within  the margin.   A brand-new  poll shows  Gillespie ahead.   The Democrats’  race-baiting  and parade of lies is producing blow-back.

Now all that is required is for real Virginians,  and by that I mean those who were born there,  who understand the hills and hollows and the rocky outcrops and grassy fields where so much blood was shed,  get going and vote!

UPDATE:  What to   watch for  today,  but either way,  it’s about  to be over.





Written by timeforthorns

November 7, 2017 at 1:13 pm

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