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Puerto Rico and Katrina…

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First of all,  the Puerto Rican  truckers’  union  is trying to use the devastation as contract leverage,  and is preventing drivers from showing up to move the trucks and the tons of supplies out from the severely damaged ports to the countryside.   Second,  the roads are themselves in very bad shape,  which complicates the movement of relief supplies.

Third,  New Orleans for many years happily accepted taxpayer funds  —  LOTS of them  —  at least three engineering plans from the Army Corps of Engineers,  but managed to have the Corps prohibited from doing any of the levee work so that the local corruptocrats could fritter the money away on fountains and beach houses and mistresses and other graft and corruption.   The politicians never spent the money on the levees or flood control meaasures.  Puerto Rico has also received a boatload of taxpayer cash,  and has laughed heartily as they spent the funds elsewhere.  On a normal day in  Puerto Rico,  about half the people don’t have a full day of power.  This is not like France,  where when the electrical union strikes,  it does so for 12 hours only,  so that one may have a civilized dinner and restaurants can prepare dishes to serve cold the next day for lunch.

Infrastructure in Puerto Rico has  been iffy  for many years because its politicians don’t like spending money on things hard to see and take credit for.   Infrastructure is not inherently sexy,  and the really big projects tend to be so costly and so poorly managed that no one really wants to be tagged with having sponsored such bureaucratic,  crony-driven money pits.   That’s obviously true in on the mainland U.S. as well.   Puerto Rico’s politicians crassly see the hurricane devastation as a fine way to have their fellow Americans pay to renovate the infrastructure the island itself refused to address for decades as the hogs at the trough spent the place into bankruptcy by convincing the residents they were entitled to free stuff paid for by others.  Sound familiar,  anyone?

The  Mayor of  San Juan  deserves to  be  sleeping on  a muddy floor,  not a comfy  cot,  and the Democrats echoing her should be whacked over the head with heavy objects.   The  Governor of  the territory is doing a far better job than the idiot mayor,  but the government still leaves  much to  be desired.

UPDATE:   Frpmt[age has   caught on.

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October 1, 2017 at 4:23 pm