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Trump on killing terrorists…

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Oh,  how fine it is to have a president who understands that soldiers are meant to  kill bad guys and break things.   Who believes that field commanders should have the flexibility to fight effectively,  which requires rules of engagement that actually allow them to fire weapons without approval from the White House after going up a very long chain of command and being vetted and considered by a large number of people who have never dodged a bullet in their lives.

President Trump very smartly  used the  examples of unity and common purpose consistently displayed by our armed service members to encourage unity amongst the American people,  but don’t think for an instant that the Lefties in the media  —  but I repeat myself,  don’t I? —  will give the man much credit for it,  and they will forecast failure instantly.

I don’t find Sen. John McCain’s praise for the  speech helpful,  since he mischaracterized the malfeasance of the Obama Administration and to some extent his own previous criticisms of Trump,  but I grudgingly give him credit for the praise.  I was far  more interested in the view  of Rich Lowry and   that of  Quin Hillyer,  and Roger  Simon,  with the most interesting being from  the Conservative  Treehouse.





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August 22, 2017 at 1:06 pm