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Chasing the eclipse…

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Scientists are planning to  chase the  shadow of the moon using NASA’s research jets during the upcoming total solar eclipse in the US,  to capture the clearest ever images of the Sun’s outer atmosphere.   They will be studying  the ionosphere,  among other things.  For those of us who will be earthbound for the event,  you can use  this site  to type in your zip code and discover when it will most impact your area.

Here is  some of  the gear you should have gotten.  Did you  get a telescope?   Or a  certified filter  for your camera?   Or will you just be in one of these  hot watch  spots?  If you  don’t have  the certified ISO glasses,  don’t look!   But there are other things you can do, laid  out here.

Traffic has  been awful  in many of the  best viewing  areas,  but none can beat South Carolina for maintaining a  sense of humor  about the entire affair.

While this eclipse is a  wondrous thing  to witness,   remember it’s just a business  opportunity  for some,  while it’s an event carrying different shades of meaning for many cultures,  including the Navajo.

You probably shouldn’t try tying the event to Trump supporters as the Boston  Globe did,  and you should definitely use care,  especially if you’re driving because some of those in traffic with you won’t be paying attention to the road.  There will be a plethora of pictures from a wide variety of sources,  so even if you can’t observe in real time,  you won’t miss a thing!





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