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Charlottesville set-up…

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As she so often does,  Clarice Feldman clarifies what  actually happened  at Charlottesville.   Pres. Trump said precisely  the right  thing in response to the violence there at what was most likely a set-up orchestrated as a Democratic dirty tricks operation by a former Obama supporter,  with the willing connivance of Gov. Terry McAuliffe,  a Democratic mayor,  and a national media which could be counted on to obscure the truth  and create a meme to attack the president and his supporters.

Big Media and the Democrats are still at it,  despite new and damaging information continuing to emerge,  which if We the People are paying due attention,  will  ruin the  Democratic Party for at least a generation.  Get this part straight:  the Left is not merely fine with employing violence,  but actually prefers it as a tool for achieving its political ends because social unrest and distrust is always useful to them.   It matters,  because what they do to protesters is what  they will  do to you.  History is a good teacher if we listen.



Written by timeforthorns

August 20, 2017 at 12:25 pm

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