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Trumpka is a lying S.O.B….

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AFL-CIO labor boss Richard Trumpka has dropped off Pres. Trump’s manufacturing council to protest violence.   I am unable to explain what his being on such a council has to do with violence anywhere,  much less in the conflict in Charlottesville.

This is all hypocrisy writ large,  but Trumpka has never hesitated to use violence to achieve his ends with regard to labor matters,  as this  shows. In other words,  he is a supreme hypocrite,  and he should be driven out on a rail.

The departing CEO’s means the council is   now dissolved,  but they were not doing anything useful anyway,  so good riddance to the whole lot of them.   As I recall, not one of the CEO’s  ever had  an unkind word to say about the Black Lives Matter cabal’s atrocious behavior.



Written by timeforthorns

August 17, 2017 at 5:04 pm