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Bigoted news…

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Longtime political journalist Stuart Rothenberg,  apparently in hysterics now that the governor of West Virginia has announced he’s leaving the Dems to become a Republican,  has sent out a series of tweets bashing the citizens of  the state as illiterate lay-abouts.   ABC and NBC were apparently too traumatized to  even report  on the party switch.

As John Nolte at the Daily Wire notes,  all of  Rosenberg’s smears were lies,  and easily proven to be so.   I very much doubt Rothenberg has ever set foot much outside of New York and D.C.,  much less actually in West Virginia.  I have,  and much of it is very pretty country with very nice people with mostly Southern manners,  though they alertly are a bit wary of Yankees as are most Southerners with any serse of history and good sense.   If my memory serves,  Rothenberg wrote last year that Republicans needed to get past immigration as a political issue if they wanted to attract enough non-white voters to win anything.  When I’m not too lazy to look up the exact quote,  I shall email it to him so he can chew on it for a while.


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August 5, 2017 at 4:09 pm