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Work shrinks food stamp rolls…

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States which have re-instituted work requirements have seen a substantial decrease in  their food stamp programs.     If you can get something for nothing,  you generally take that easy route  — it’s human nature,  because we are generally a lazy lot.   If you have to do something in order to obtain something you want,  you are forced to make judgments.  It takes the average person less than a year to run out of friends and family members willing to allow them to mooch off them,  and at that point they go get a job rather than go hungry.

Liberal government officials claim they want only to help the poor,  but what they really want to do is bribe the poor to vote for Democratic while keeping them poor.   You do the poor no favors by making them comfortable in their situation,  but by driving them out of it.   Make no mistake —  as Ben  Franklin said,   many of them do have to be driven out of it rather than simply led.

My neighbor’s yard man is poor because he is poorly educated and has a five-minute clock.  He can not make himself look down the road to what he might need later,  so his entire existence is in the now.  He used to gamble away what little he had because he likes to drink and he has no head for liquor.   He doesn’t gamble any more,  which is a great testament to his efforts,  but he has had little success in developing a longer clock to run his life by.




Written by timeforthorns

July 6, 2017 at 6:46 pm

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