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Independence Day 2017, Part I…

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If you have only a bit of time,  check out Debby  Witt’s compilation.   If you know any immigrants,  you will not be surprised by Charles Cooke’s piece from  2013.   I would also note that some of the most ardent Southerners are former Yankees.   If you want something more esoteric,  try this  fine podcast  from National Review editors,  who discuss whether George Washington was an indispensable man,  whether Jefferson or Hamilton was the greater figure,  and whether America is a nation or an idea.

If you plan to shop later,  try Jacob Bromwell,  the oldest kitchenware  and housewares manufacturer in the United States,  and also America’s oldest manufacturer of tin and stainless steel.   This would be an especially apt choice if you share the Smithsonian’s view that the  history of beer  is the story of America.   I plan to imbibe a couple of beers myself,  as the forecast is for very hot and humid weather.   You might also consider purchasing some  new books  about the American Revolution,  and perhaps plan a visit to the new Museum of the American Revolution.

FOX News did a poll to see what We the People thought the Founding Fathers would think of us now.   The consensus was:  not much.   As Mark Levin points out,  we have certainly  strayed far  from the ideals on which this nation was founded.    Read  the document  which set the notion in motion.   Remember that the 56 members of the Continental Congress who affixed their signatures to this  remarkable document   were signing  their death warrants.   Learn why  progressives loathe  this short,  but powerful,  document,  which remains a  shining example  of the desire for freedom,  despite the Left’s determined efforts to tarnish it.




Written by timeforthorns

July 4, 2017 at 2:14 pm

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