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The Comey show…

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…threw some dirt on President Trump in some respects,  but showed Democrats and MSM to be liars.    More importantly,  the former FBI director’s true colors were on full display, and they weren’t very pretty,  despite his efforts to play the victim card.   Read Michael Goodwin’s excellent  commentary here.

I have long regarded Jim Comey with suspicion,  along with a number of intel bosses,  but I can’t say that being proven right,  repeatedly,  gives me any great pleasure.   How can I be expected to take seriously a man who indicted Hillary Clinton in public and then declined to charge her,  and was so unaware of the federal code that he could not find any law that Hillary broke when I could find a dozen without a law degree?   Comey willingly turned himself into a political hack and apparently thought his possession of secrets and the fear their potential  disclosure engendered made him as secure as J. Edgar Hoover.




Written by timeforthorns

June 9, 2017 at 11:28 am

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