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Memorial Day 2017, No. 2…

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I would have posted this on the day a week ago,  but I was surprised by the paucity of hits on the topic and decided to do some real searching.   It was not terribly encouraging.

Originally  known as  Decoration Day,  and intended to honor the dead of the war Between the States,  Memorial Day has always been based on military personnel whose lives were cut short by their service to their country.

Many Presidents have issued remarks on the occasion,  and most of them have acknowledged the ties between patriotism and Christianity,  as did our nation’s founders.   I included  this piece  because John Witherspoon was one of my ancestors.   Former President George W. Bush used social media to  pay tribute  to those who protect us.   Current Secretary of State Rex Tillerson  joined the  nearly one million motorcycles which made up this year’s Rolling Thunder  ride from the Pentagon to the National Mall and the Vietnam Memorial.   Conservative Treehouse has a very funny comparison of  Tillerson and Obama’s first Secretary of State John Kerry. President Trump had  no problem  negotiating the throngs of riders to reach the tomb of the Unknown Soldier,  a fact which garnered almost no notice from big media.

An Army veteran and current employee of Fort Bragg is using 7,000 combat boots  to memorialize the fallen.   We should remember the fallen  —  all of  them,  from  every era.   They remain  forever young,  but they live on as long as someone remembers them,  says their name,  tells a story about them.   We should not forget what the survivors of the  conflicts  were promised either.   Haven’t we allowed them to be lied to long enough?

Robert Curry has an  interesting piece  about what should be our common purpose,  but he appears to forget that progressives have never believed in the Constitution or Bill of Rights,  or indeed in the very notion of  America itself.   Vox chose this day  to trash  the Marine Corps.   The piece stands out only because everyone else was busy bashing President Trump and conservatives instead.   Apparently they can not break themselves of Obama’s eight-year long habit of blaming President George W. Bush for everything.

President Nixon’s  observations  seem at once prescient and hopelessly optimistic.   For too many Americans,  Memorial Day engenders no remembrance,  but makes a fine excuse to eat and drink.   Use these eleven quotes on  them.   Happily some of us  still make  the effort.

My general observation is that the small towns still honor Memorial Day, but the big cities do not.   If the latter condescend to even mention the occasion,  they turn it into something else and awful.  The wide spots in the road,  where so many of our military personnel come from, still have parades and speeches and fly flags proudly.

There are many ways to remember the fallen.   You can watch some politically  incorrect movies.   You could contribute to one of the groups which help their families,  or that lobby for veterans’ benefits,  but if you have a more personal connection,  here’s a guide to what  the coins  laid atop the tombstones of some graves mean.   Add to them,  for all of us,  won’t you?






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