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Snowflake society?

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Have we all become wimps,  or do we now have proof that being liberal or progressive makes people deeply unhappy and unable to cope?  I suggest the latter,  since we have decades of observing the self-torture those on the Left must suffer in order to hold to an ideology which demands that one eschew reason and logic.  That is one reason our liberal and progressive kin so often resort to violence  —  they simply can not cope with the strains of having to lie to themselves and everyone else.

So count me supremely unsurprised that Talkspace,  the online counseling service,  has seen a  big uptick  in usage,  especially by millennials,  who are true snowflakes,  having spent their lives receiving participation trophies and being coached to have superior self-esteem even when they had attempted little and accomplished nothing.   If you have spent your entire life avoiding reality,  the reality of President Trump is bound to be a severe  shock leading  to all sorts of unhinged behavior.




Written by timeforthorns

May 23, 2017 at 5:42 pm

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