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World Book Day 2017…

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This gives you a  unicorn party  view of the event,  which actually was yesterday,  but it does offer some creative ideas,  even if it is sponsored by UNESCO,  the laughably misnamed United Nations Educational,  Scientific and Cultural Organization.

Predictably,  Amazon made some  nice corporate  PR off the event.   But you should read  —  it’s  good for  your brain,  your education and your success in life.   I prefer the feel of a book in my hands,  to be picked up and put down at my convenience,  but I don’t care if you choose a Kindle or your smart phone.   If you can read and understand words you will have an advantage over the rest of the pack.  Even we doddering moldy oldies can figure out most emojis eventually, but a shocking number of millennials and younger don’t deal well with words and can’t even sign their names in cursive.   If you also write decently,  you’ll do better in school and career,  unless you’re a conservative in a liberal environment,  in which case you’ll have to stiffen your spine to prepare for never-ending battle.   That was sometimes the case for me in college,  but the first professor who tried to intimidate me had the attempt backfire on him when I pointed out that unlike him,  I was a published poet.



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