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French elections…

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A win by Marine Le Pen would  be devastating  according to Ben Rhodes, the Obama former national security adviser.   Does he actually believe that his former boss will be able to influence this election?   No doubt he and Obama nodded sagely when a German pundit said that Le Pen would break down  the European Union even if she loses.

There is a fairly strong belief that the  recent terrorists  attacks in Paris are helping Le Pen because she doesn’t share the Left’s fondness for unlimited immigration and a relaxed attitude about terrorism.   Obama called to congratulate her rival, Emmanuel Macron,  whose  view is  that terrorism is just part of daily life one must get used to,  which is something the two men certainly agree on.

I rather suspect the French are weary of being set up like prey in a trap and will put Le Pen through to the next round.    I think the Germans and Swedes are as well,  but I could only guess as to whether the French elections  portend anything  for those of other nations.  If you can spare a few extra minutes,  do read this excellent piece by Christopher Caldwell, here  (h/t Andrew Stuttaford at The Corner).


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April 23, 2017 at 11:01 pm

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