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His Oneness is  now meddling  in France’s presidential election,  which he also did while President.   Isn’t this precisely what Democrats are accusing the Russians of doing in ours?    But what I find most interesting is Obama’s admission that he is  a progressive.

Democrats are fine with one of their own meddling,  which would include Obama’s efforts  to dislodge  Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu using taxpayer money.   Indeed,  the U.S. has a very long history of mucking about  with elections in other countries.   American Democrats are better known for interfering with U.S. elections by stealing identities, stuffing  ballot boxes,   stealing votes,  or the more modern efforts of George Soros-funded groups which sought to  put in place  Secretaries of State,  on the theory that it’s better to own those who count the votes than those who vote.

Governments meddle everywhere.  It is our job to defend against the intrusions  not sit in the corner sobbing with our thumbs in our mouths.  It should be instructive that the Democratic National Committee had lousy security on its servers,  just as the Obama Administration did on the ObamaCare websites,  while the hackers who targeted the republicans National Committee were blocked out.


Written by timeforthorns

April 21, 2017 at 11:55 am

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