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Buying an election?

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Democrats have poured  millions of dollars  and some Hollywood glitz into today’s Georgia congressional election for the seat once held by Rep. Tom Price, who is now Trump’s HHS secretary.   They made a big effort in the recent Kansas election  which Republicans won.  Jon Ossoff is the Democratic vcandidate, but you will have a very difficult time finding any campaign material which mentions that he is actually a Democrat,  which I think should tell us something about how Democrats view their own party’s branding these days.

UPDATE:  Democrats must not like their chances if they’re resorting to stealing voting  machines.   New question:  why did it take Cobb County two days to notify the Georgia Secretary of State about the theft?

UPDATE:  I forgot to mention that Ossoff can’t even vote  for himself today,  as he does  not live  in the district he wants to represent.

UPDATE:   Well,  the votes have  been tallied  and Democrat Ossoff and Republican former Georgia Secretary of State Karen Handel will face off in a June 20th runoff,  which favors Handel because the Republican votes won’t be distributed  amongst eleven  candidates.   Apparently Democrats couldn’t menage to cheat enough even with some polling places suddenly extending their  hours.

The dilemma for Democrats is that Kansas and Georgia were supposed to be the  best targets  for them and they have thus far failed.   Ossoff at least recognized early on that the Democratic message wasn’t resonating and tried assiduously to avoid mentioning his party affiliation,  but some of the others have already hoisted the party banner on high.   As Jeremy Carl so succinctly put it,  Dems couldn’t even conjure up a  moral victory  in Georgia.







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April 18, 2017 at 1:01 pm

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