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Will he resign?

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That’s the question  of the day  about Alabama Governor Robert Bentley, currently under investigation and threat of impeachment by the legislature for allegedly committing felonies in the course of an improper relationship with a former aide.

Quite frankly, I’d think the legislature in that state could be using its time far more profitably,  such as doing something about the perennial budget shortfall,  but perhaps the voters will send them all a message next time around.

For a better view of Alabama,  eat at any of  these restaurants.

UPDATE:  Well,  Bentley has in  fact resigned,  but is being charged with only misdemeanors,  not felonies,  so the good people of Alabama still won’t know exactly what the Governor did which was illegal or criminal.   Perhaps the legislature can now stop avoiding doing its real job and at least attempt to accomplish something.

Written by timeforthorns

April 10, 2017 at 8:53 pm

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