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Poor master or rich servant?

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Famed British actor Michael Caine  said he’d rather be the former than the latter in defending  his support of  Brexit on Friday,  citing his belief in freedom and individualism.   That is,  of course,  a perfectly reasonable view to hold,  and really, how could you espouse any other if you become aware of the corruption and greed of the tyrannical EU bosses holed up in their tarnished tin towers in Brussels?

Make no mistake,  the EU elites are just as awful as our own,  regardless of which political party they claim membership in,  and they are all just as wrong-headed and blind to human nature when they sing the praises of diversity.   Let’s be grown-ups here for a moment,  shall we?   The ability to recognize “the other” and the willingness to take appropriate action when needed,  is why you and I are here.   Those who failed either test went extinct quite quickly.   Diversity in international relations is interesting,  but it does less than nothing to bring a society’s disparate parts together.   That said, it does help the autocratic elite,  because a citizenry busy with small wars lacks the time and resources to conduct a large war against their government.




Written by timeforthorns

April 9, 2017 at 11:53 am

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