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Fidel dies, but tyranny lives…

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Ana Qintana called it correctly  in this  piece.   Few of you will hvae learned anything true or useful about the Castro brothers during your stint in public education,  so  here’s a  short primer to bring you up to speed on this monster.   You certainly won’t hear any of this from mainstream media,  which  still adores  him,  and  drools over  him,  even calling him the George Washington of his country,  which shows you how completely insane the Left is in  its mourning  of Fidel’s death,  as typified by Green candidate Jill Stein’s  pronouncement and Jesse Jackson’s  tweet.

Obama continued in this sad vein  — just compare his pathetic statement  with the  one from  Trump.   His Oneness is being  roundly criticized,  as is Canada’s newly minted Prime Minister Justin Trudeau for  his own  statement,  even though he  won’t attend  the funeral.   The Left doesn’t care that Fidel destroyed his own family, or that he routinely  targeted  the protected classes it loves so much.   Hollywood  helped normalize  Fidel,  so perhaps there will be a special spot reserved for them in the  same hot  place Fidel is headed. One could expect the Pope  to pray  for his blackened,  evil soul,  but the mourners have  made no mention of the  hell Fidel  unleashed on Cubans,  or how he  lived a  life  of excess  while  his people  starved.   Not a word on the  false promises  he offered as a revolutionary,  or that he wanted  a nuclear  war.   The Left  will never  acknowledge that socialism and communism are cancers  which destroy  everything they touch.   How can they ignore Fidel’s  comments over  the years?   Merely because Fidel’s lies  were so beautiful  in their appeal to the morally corrupt?   This is  the Castro they imagine,  not the real murderous  thug who  slaughtered  so many.

The  celebration in  the streets of Miami were a far more appropriate reaction,  as was restaurants’  creation of drinks  in honor of the occasion.   Some have  expressed hope  for Cuba,  but only a dictator is dead,  not the dictatorship,  so it will be a long time before the true extent of the regime’s  crimes are  told.   Some lost their enchantment with  the Castros and Che Guevara long ago,  and those who knew the truth never  suffered  any,  but we have an entire  new generation  of youth and  agitator groups  who  know nothing  of the reality of revolutionaries,  so we can not lower our guard.

Since His Oneness appears to have conveniently forgotten  this lovely photo,   I suppose the only thing left to ponder is whether Obama’s parting nose-thumb at America will be to  attend the  funeral of the monster,  or whether he  will dispatch  the ever-clueless Secretary of State,  John Kerry.







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November 28, 2016 at 11:54 pm

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