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Statins are a killer waste…

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How many times do we have to be  told this  before we believe it?   The anecdotal studies all the cholesterol nonsense is based upon are derived from a study done in the 1940’s when scientists did not even know there were two kinds of cholesterol.

If you take statins,  make your doctor explain why he thinks you should.  If he hasn’t also advised you to take CoQ10,  ask him if he even knows how statins work.   They destroy your body’s naturally produced CoQ10,  so the next question is why he’s good with a chemical which destroys something your body obviously needs and doesn’t replace it. Then ask him what the first warning for a statin is.  He should say  “muscle cramps”.  Then ask him what the most critical muscle in your body is.  If he manages to say  “the heart”  without his head exploding you will at least now you have forced him to think.   I would then get swiftly about the business of finding yourself another doctor,  preferably one less likely to kill you by following the standard medical advice.

The medical profession has developed the same bug about cholesterol as it has about salt.   The fact is that you need both in order to live.  Without them you will die.





Written by timeforthorns

November 25, 2016 at 11:55 pm

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  1. You should make someone at the VA listen. It is standard practice. I had a doc try and prescribe them to me– AFTER he told me that there was no way that my good cholesterol was so high. I made him draw again; same results. I was lucky and came from the medical field(and they STILL almost killed me).


    November 26, 2016 at 12:11 am

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