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Forgotten Man to the White House…

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FOX News’ Sean Hannity  has purchased  the original  “The Forgotten Man” painting from artist Jon McNaughton,  and will give it to Trump to hang in the White House.   I hope it will hang in the Oval Office as a constant reminder of what the elites have done to the ordinary Americans who built this country and keep it running.

“Forgotten man” is a phrase first used by William Graham Sumner in his article The Forgotten Man (published posthumously in 1918) to refer to the person compelled to pay for reformist programs.  Since Franklin Roosevelt appropriated the phrase in a 1932 speech, it has more often been used to refer to those at the bottom of the economic government.

In 2013 Amity Shlaes wrote a bestseller about the Great Depression with the phrase in the title,  which is probably how most people became aware of it.



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November 12, 2016 at 11:57 pm

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