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What we were saved from…

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What we as a nation have narrowly avoided by defeating Queen Hillary is losing our right to resist.  The Left,  because it employs belief rather than logic and reason,  can tolerate no dissent.   How can you contemplate an argument if you know that you can not defend your position?   You can not,  so you try to stifle dissent,  silence any opposing voices.

This is what the Left has been doing for decades,  what His Oneness was continuing,  and without question what Queen Hillary would have accelerated with  a vengeance.   But make no mistake  —  progressives and leftists have embedded themselves,  by design,  into all of our country[‘s institutions and government agencies,  and they will fight like hell to maintain the status quo.   There may not be an open insurrection,  but it will more likely be what the bureaucrats will employ  — stalling,  stonewalling,  slow-walking,  failure to act.   The time for vigilance is far from over.


Written by timeforthorns

November 10, 2016 at 11:51 pm

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