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VOTE Republican, damn it!

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I am not a hypocrite,  so I won’t use the platitude of telling you to vote for whoever you wish,  so long as you vote.   I do care intensely who you vote for.   I have not been pleased with the Republican Party for quite a while,  but I gave up on the Democratic Party many years ago when it turned left and adopted as its motto “The end justifies the means.”

I find Donald Trump a crude man, but I’ve met plenty like him,  and he has selected  some sound  advisers.   He has actually produced things in his life  — world-class resorts,  hotels and top-rated golf courses among them.

Queen Hillary has never created anything of value.   The only thing she and her husband have ever produced is massive corruption at all levels.  The Clinton clan corrodes everything and everyone they come in contact with.   They use other people’s money to fund their lifestyles and their eternal quest for more power and more money.   Hillary is even more careless about national security than her husband was, having her  maid print  out classified emails.   If you’re having trouble keeping up with all of Hillary’s scandals,  here’s a  helpful list.   Like the Obamas,  Hillary holds the American people in utter contempt.   She thinks we are all  stupid knuckle-draggers  who will vote for her anyway.   Her supporters are very careless people happy to believe someone else should clean up  their messes.

If you think you should vote for Hillary because she’s female,  you should consider how she  treats women  who her husband assaults,  or girls raped by another man.   Lying is as natural to her as breathing.   She even lies about her lies,  because she can.   If you want to retain those tattered portions of the Constitution and Bill of Rights which His Oneness and progressive Democrats have not already destroyed,  you can not vote for Hillary,  and you should remember that her VP pick is even more radical than she is.

The choice is stark and rather terrifying.   With Trump,  you have a chance for freedom and liberty.   With Hillary,  you have none at all.   It is your duty as a citizen to vote to protect your country,  not to destroy it.   Protect your nation so your children and grandchildren have a shot at good lives.



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November 7, 2016 at 6:51 pm

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