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Hillary’s gods…

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Michael Goodwin of the New York Post has the  best opening  line of the month with regard to the FBI re-opening the investigation into Queen Hillary’s emails:  “It looks as if the gods finally got sick of her.”

Of course,  FBI Director James  Comey’s letter  suggests a number of things to us,  among them that the first FBI investigation  was incomplete  at best.   It also raises the specter that Huma Abedin was either misleading  in her testimony about her email accounts,  or outright perjured  herself.

There are at least three  competing theories  as to why Comey took this step.   All seem plausible to me.   The report  that DOJ disapproved of Comey’s decision and  his letter  makes it all the more interesting.

The media is already scrambling  to minimize  the event.   A Democratic group has filed  a complaint  against the FBI.   There is already a rich irony in Hillary complaining about the investigation being reopened  —   she hopes we don’t  remember this.

One must admit there would be a certain sort of poetic justice in having Abedin’s rotter of a husband be the cause  of her boss’s downfall.   Perhaps some of Mark Steyn’s questions will  now be answered.





Written by timeforthorns

October 29, 2016 at 11:28 pm

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