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Disputing media polling…

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If you believe the media polling,   Queen Hillary is so far ahead that she’ll win in a landslide.    Or at least she’s so comfortably ahead that she’d now devoting her efforts to helping down-ballot Democrats.   Or that some other mysterious force is at work to ensure that the next president will be a fat old woman in poor health and would be the most corrupt person ever to occupy that space.

No matter what you believe,  the truth is that no one really knows.   This is not a normal election.   We the People are angry,  as we should be after nearly eight years of His Oneness,  not to mention the prospect of Queen Hillary finishing off what is left of our nation.

Seth Keshel does an admirable job of  laying it  all out for you.   Please read it,  then pass it along.   Our future depends on it.


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October 29, 2016 at 10:09 am

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