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Dumb American youth…

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Walter Williams  explains why  American youth are so dumb.   Basically you can thank the liberals who took over our public education system and changed learning into indoctrination.   Unless they are studying hard sciences,  they learn very little beyond how horrible America is,  how  racist/homophobic/sexist Americans are,  and that climate change deniers are Hitlers in training.

They learn nothing about logic or reasoning,  which is why it’s so easy to brainwash them.    Years of having their self-esteem pumped up,  without justification,  has made them believe they are smart and wise and actually know something.   They don’t really know anything,  except they would surely collapse without their smart phones to organize their narrow lives. They are uneducated,  they don’t know how to learn,  and yet they think they are qualified to lead us.   Not on my watch.

As proof,  listen to the youth deploring the  “tone”  of this election  —  easy to do if you  know nothing  of history.


Written by timeforthorns

October 25, 2016 at 11:46 pm

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