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Clarence Thomas still dissents…

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One would not expect USA Today,  with its liberal bent,  to portray Justice Thomas in an entirely sympathetic light in its look back at his quarter century on the Supreme Court,  and  it does  not.    Being an originalist is not a good thing in the paper’s view,  as it expects justices to adopt the progressive view over the years,  and therefore to change their understanding of the Constitution to suit.

Justice Thomas  actually understands the Constitution and sees his job as to look to its original and true meaning when considering cases before the court.   The liberal justices,  especially Obama’s appointees,  believe their job is to ignore original meaning in order to adjust laws to fit what they see as current opinions and mores.   In other words,  Justices Kagan and Sotomayor think,  like Queen Hillary,  that SCOTUS is there to  “represent all the people”.   No,  that is the job of Congress,  you idiots,  though it has largely failed in that duty.   Justice Ginsberg’s fondness for referring to foreign laws shows that she also fails to understand her job.

This is why Clarence Thomas’s dissents are so important —  they represent what the Constitution actually means,  and they blow huge holes in the twisted reasoning and total lack of logic made by the progressive justices.   If you seek a good education in the Constitution and in liberal irrationality,  you would do well to read those dissents.

I will give USA Today credit for pointing out that the .new National Museum of African American History and Culture highlights Anita Hill’s allegations but ignores Thomas’ 25 years on the bench,  a situation I’ll address in another post.


Written by timeforthorns

October 22, 2016 at 11:57 pm

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