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Calorie counts don’t work…

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The Obama Administration will enforce their use anyway,  but common sense tells you  calorie counts  don’t work.   If there anyone in the nation who is too stupid to figure out that if you eat big burgers,  fries and a big soft drink and you gain weight,  you should stop eating that meal daily?  Well,  there are probably some Obama and Hillary supporters who may be,  but no one else has an excuse.

Even the few people who actually read calorie counts appear to have little actual understanding of their meaning.   They don’t even know how many calories an average person should consume during a day.   I am sick to death of the ever-present nanny state trying to tell us what to eat, when to eat it,  where to buy it.   If I ate as the government’s food pyramid instructs,  I’d weigh 300 pounds and be deathly ill.   My body doesn’t happen to process simple carbohydrates very well,  so I eat precious few of them.   I weigh what I should and I don’t feel deprived because I don’t feel bad.   Is it too much to ask people to be individually responsible for themselves in some small way?




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October 22, 2016 at 10:03 am

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